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Morning Habits of Successful People

Regardless if you jump out of bed at the first ray of sunshine or if you have a harder time getting started in the A.M, eventually we must muster up the strength to start our mornings. There are a million different ways to begin your day, but why not look at a few routines that successful people swear by?

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How to Stop Overthinking and Overcome Anxiety Now

How to Stop Overthinking and Overcome Anxiety Now When you suffer from chronic anxiety or depression, overthinking can be your worst enemy. It is not easy to turn off the negative or painful thoughts, and they can lead to destructive behaviors, added stress, and a decrease in our quality of life. Let’s talk about a few different things you can do to stop overthinking and kick anxiety as you start to experience an attack. Set Time Limits for Decisions. Giving yourself a limited amount of time to decide on a solution to a problem keeps your mind from spiraling out of control. Too much time can cause our brains to keep running with our thoughts until we are so overwhelmed...

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Meditation - How it Affects your Body and How to Get Started

Meditation - How it Affects your Body and How to Get Started   Meditation has long since evolved from being a tradition reserved for only serious religious or spiritual followers, to becoming widespread in its modern application. Classes, courses, books and discussion - and more specifically, research - all present meditation as a key element of a healthy state of mind and body.   Nowadays, even young children are encouraged in schools to meditate, as well as those in corporate environments, nursing homes, and even in prisons. With the technological advances of modern-day research, there has been a great deal of studies conducted to assess how meditation really does benefit our brain and our overall health.    We’ll be diving...

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