What is the best time to take collagen powder?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, from our skin to our bones and tendons, this protein is found everywhere in the body, collagen is naturally present in the body, but with age the stores of collagen start to decline. Collagen is a like a “glue’ that holds our cells together and gives it its integrity and vitality


What is the best time to take collagen powder?

Collagen powder and supplements are usually labeled as collagen hydrolysate or hydrolyzed collagen, and collagen peptides means these are small collagen chains extracted from animal sources and are meant to be digested easily by the body. The high quality collagen comes from grass fed-cows, with real ingredients and no fillers. Collagen powder can be added to any of your daily meals and can be taken anytime of the day. You can add collagen powder to your soups or sauces like we do, it has no taste and it blends well. You can add it into your morning tea or green tea, smoothies, soups, shakes, as well as your sauces and dips.

Why is collagen important to our body?

The word collagen comes from the Greek word “Kolla” which means “glue”, this glue like protein is meant to hold our tissues together and give our body support and agility. The importance of collagen can be derived from the fact that 80% of our body’s tendons are collagen, 80% of the skin is made of collagen, and 30% of our bones and 60% of our cartilage is made up of collagen protein. The most abundant collagen in our body is type 1 collagen that is so strong and incredible, it supports our tendons, skin, teeth, bones, cartilage and connective tissue. Type 2 collagen is found mostly in the cartilage, type 3 in various organs and arteries, the type of collagen that gives supports to our skin cells is collagen 4.

What is collagen protein comprised of?

Collagen protein is made up of peptides, these are made of building blocks amino acids, the most important amino acids in collagen are proline and glycine. The body does produce these amino acids but only in small amounts, therefore it becomes essential to take a collagen protein powder or supplement to fulfill body’s dietary needs of collagen. Collagen can only be sourced from animal proteins, bone broth made up of grass-fed animal ingredients is a great natural way to incorporate collagen into your diet--and your bones, joints and tissues will thank you for it.

Who should be incorporating collagen powder into their diet?

When we are under stress, our body tends to make less collagen and the collagen we already have in the body tends to deplete, the obvious signs are hollow cheeks or sunken eyes. Collagen is not just about looking youthful and having a glowing skin, as mentioned earlier it’s found everywhere in our body, and if you don’t want joint aches later in the age, it’s essential to start taking collagen right away. Usually it’s not easier to get all the collagen we need from dietary sources, dairy proteins are a good source of other amino acids, but not proline and glycine that are needed to make collagen.

Collagen supplements will provide you with all the key amino acids and other vitamins needed to make collagen in your body. If your intake of meat, poultry, eggs and fish is limited, (which are our instant source of proteins), you must include collagen powder into your diet.

Many studies have shown the effectiveness of taking collagen protein, one such study was conducted on athletes for six months during which they took hydrolyzed collagen and they reported feeling less joint pain and ache during activity and after rest. It can help reduce the rates of knee pain and lower back pain which is very common in ages 40 and above.


How much collagen can you eat in a day?

It is safe to take collagen anytime of the day and there is no safe limit of eating collagen, but moderation in everything is always the key. The minimum effective dose is 10 grams per day, but it’s alright to take more than that. It will be usually written on your supplement or collagen powder packaging, you just need to follow instructions, as every brand comes with its own set of instructions. If you want to maximize your work out gains, you should be taking collagen before and after your workout. That is the key time to incorporate nutrients into your body and start body repair and rejuvenation. If you’re pregnant it is best to ask your doctor about the safe doses of collagen supplement for you.

By taking collagen regularly, you can improve your hair, skin, nail health, achieve enhanced muscle growth and recovery, improve function of joints, tendons and ligaments, increase in bone strength, tissue repair, healthy eyes, and healthy gut, improve mental health, prevent liver disease, and support for your brain health.

What are the best collagen powders to take?

Though, there are many in the market, we recommend our collagen that comes from grass-fed bovine sources, it is made of collagen peptides and it comes from grass-fed beef. It provides 24.5 grams of collagen per serving, it contains added vitamin C for best possible collagen synthesis. It has no taste or odor, so you can add it instantly into your coffee, tea, green tea or smoothies. Taking this supplement regularly will help you regain your strength and vitality, as it protects our joints and bones and connective tissue from degenerating. It’s great for people who do strength and resistance training on a regular basis, and for people of a certain age group that want to ward off the onset of osteoporosis. It will not only promote healthy hair, skin and nails, but will support healthy joints and bones. And as our body’s collagen diminishes with age, it is imperative to include this dietary supplement on a regular basis.